Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heartwood Castle V 2.0

Lot:  40 x 40

Heartwood Castle, version 2.0 is a Qube-designed renovation and restoration of 'Heartwood Castle pre-restoration' made by 'codyr2391' and is an exchange lot available on The Sims 3 website:

I was captivated by this ruined little castle available on the exchange, and started wondering what it's story might be, followed (of course!) by how Qube Design might give this beautiful but destroyed castle a new life. I loved the proportions and scale of Heartwood Castle, but I ended up removing everything from the lot except the foundation and starting again. But wanting to keep the original flavor and size, the end result is Heartwood Castle V 2.0.

Warming up the exterior is a combination of different sand-colored stones and brick, and the stylized windows, doors and archways give the castle's architecture a new 'Italianate' flavor, and the addition of a garage (with laundry room above) and pool / guest house allow for an extended Sims family to move in. The main house is furnished, decorated and fully detailed on the first two floors, offering a large living room, big family kitchen with terrace / bridge over the mote, a formal dining room and double-height library. The second level features two fully detailed bedrooms, two baths, and a quiet reading area above the library. The third and fourth floors offer more bedrooms / media room / study / baths along with terraces and balconies to overlook the whole property.

All the furniture, fixtures and accessories have been custom-colored for this home.

Please enjoy this lovely renovation from Qube Design!

***Note: Glass roofs and skylights are compliments of LunaSimsLuna at and are not included in this download, and must be downloaded separately.***

Full object listing available on my TSR download page:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sal Pedro Estate: A classic 1926 Mediterranean home

Lot 60 x 60:

Sal Pedro Estate is the latest residential lot from Qube Design.  This elegant 1926 Mediterranean home offers 3 large bedrooms, 4 full baths (2 half-baths), and numerous terraces and balconies overlooking the lush, established garden, pool and guest-house, and the diving pond in the rear garden.  The main floor plan has been opened up for modern living, yet the original wood floors, detailed windows and 4 fireplaces offer lots of charm.  The basement is partially finished and accommodates a 3 car garage, laundry room, half-bath and workshop.

Please enjoy this lovely new home, compliments of Qube Design.  Please note that this lot requires the WA and AMB expansion packs, and several store items.

Download (5.8 MB as show):

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Dragon

Lot 60 x 60:

Red Dragon is a new Asian-Fusion Contemporary lot from Qube Design. This architecturally significant home is in perfect Feng Shui alignment, and offers many innovative design features and a modern, fresh floor plan for extended family living.

As you approach this home , the first thing you notice is the dramatic waterfall in the front garden. It's clean lines are in direct contrast to the natural landscaping, and it's placement is designed to soften the energy flow from the sharp, square geometry of the house. As you drive up the hill and under the breeze way, there is a lower entrance foyer. This space is highlighted by a massive staircase running opposite of the main entrance door, and is placed so the good family fortune does not run out the door. It looks onto a beautiful waterfall garden, and it's art-gallery passageway leads to two bedrooms, a large bath and home gym.

Going up the stairs, you are led into the heart of this home - it's massive, 3 storey living room with clear-storey windows and doors leading out onto a large deck. This spacious deck is built over top of the 4 car garage, and features contemporary privacy latticework and a fireplace for chilly nights. Back through the living room, there is a small study to the rear of the home, and another large foyer entrance leading out to the front garden. Off the foyer, a large dining room in cantilevered directly over the waterfall garden so that the positive ionization can flow through the house. A spacious open family kitchen adjoins the dining room, and past it there is a media room with two more decks and a library with stairs leading up to the master suite.

Upstairs, there is a large master bedroom with two private sun decks with a large spa ensuite attached and a walk bridge to a mediation room. There is also a separate study area which can double as a nursery and another full bath.

Of particular note is the beautiful, intricate trellis work that covers the waterfall garden, large terraces at the rear of the house, and infinity pool with glass wall and a separate guest house with private bath. Please inspect this house carefully and you will find many innovative features, from the dramatic glowing red light wells to the spectacular lush garden.

Qube Design is offering this spectacular home unfurnished and base-game compatible prior to interior decoration. Please download the free windows from Newtlco to complete the dramatic design of this fabulous home.

*Note:  To activate the waterfall features, please set the following cheat 'constrainfloorelevation false' before placing the lot in your town.  Once it is placed, you can set the cheat back to normal by typing 'constrainfloorelevation true'.*

Download (4.5 MB as shown):

Red Dragon at TSR

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IM Pei's 1945 Award Winning Home

20 x 30 lot:

Qube Design has just finished a furnished reproduction of architect IM Pei's entry in the 'Georgia Builds Design Competition'. Designed in 1945, this breath-taking mid-century home truly set the course for what was to become the new standard in modern home design. The Georgia Builds Design Competition was ground-breaking in it's time, and many of the design concepts explored in it's thesis we now accept as standard building and design protocol. Sponsored by Rich's Department Stores and Progressive Architecture; magazine, the competition simply asked 'What is a small home in Georgia - should it be bound by tradition, or what we call modern?' This prize-winning design from IM Pei was one of the very few residential homes he designed in his career.

The contest idealized the requirements of a small family of 4 in 1945, and requested that the designs honor a suburban lot space of 60' x 120' and a maximum square footage requirement of 1350, yet feel light, open and airy. Other requirements included entertaining space, maximum storage, garage or carport, outdoor living in the summer months, and privacy gardens to shield neighbours. Pei's design, created very early in his career, established many of the design cues that would be featured prominently in his later designs for public buildings, such as his expansive use of glass and hair-thin support columns.

Qube Design has carefully reproduced his design, only adding an extra bath in leu of a utility room, and a swimming pool to the atrium garden. The interior design has been spectacularly updated to accommodate the busy lifestyle of a modern Sim. Filled with beautiful mid-century classic furniture mingling with a sophisticated collection of modern art, this home is nothing short of dramatic. Utilizing a highly restrictive colour scheme of taupe, charcoal and chinese red, your eye is drawn around each room to first appreciate the art work, then slowly discover the furniture collection nearby. The dynamic use of chinese red allows you to easily create an Asian themed home, and your travel treasures from China will be on display in their best possible light.

Most interior furnishings can be found as .sims3pack installer files at either or or on TSR. Some items are donation items and must be downloaded directly from the artists. Windows and doors are .sims3pack files from the 'City Build Set', compliments of Funny at

The Audi TT and art collection belong to my Sim.

Please download the items to completely enjoy this home, however if you only install the windows and doors, you will be able to decorate this home to your own taste.

Download (20.0 MB file size):

IM Pei's 1945 Award Winning Home - TSR

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pacifica Estate

40 x 40 lot

This lot is based upon an ocean-front home in Pacifica, California. This lot is fully furnished, landscaped, detailed and will be a beautiful home for a large Sim family. There are two furnished bedrooms with baths, a large pool area with laundry, gym and garage on the lower level, and the attic level is unfurnished, and has space for two more bedrooms, a bath, and study area or media room.

Please enjoy this lovely home from 'The New' Qube Design!

*note: colonial windows are compliments of, and are .package files not included in this build.*
*requires some EA store items, and other items on TSR - Please see link for details*
Credits: THANK YOU to all the talented artists at TSR!!