Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IM Pei's 1945 Award Winning Home

20 x 30 lot:

Qube Design has just finished a furnished reproduction of architect IM Pei's entry in the 'Georgia Builds Design Competition'. Designed in 1945, this breath-taking mid-century home truly set the course for what was to become the new standard in modern home design. The Georgia Builds Design Competition was ground-breaking in it's time, and many of the design concepts explored in it's thesis we now accept as standard building and design protocol. Sponsored by Rich's Department Stores and Progressive Architecture; magazine, the competition simply asked 'What is a small home in Georgia - should it be bound by tradition, or what we call modern?' This prize-winning design from IM Pei was one of the very few residential homes he designed in his career.

The contest idealized the requirements of a small family of 4 in 1945, and requested that the designs honor a suburban lot space of 60' x 120' and a maximum square footage requirement of 1350, yet feel light, open and airy. Other requirements included entertaining space, maximum storage, garage or carport, outdoor living in the summer months, and privacy gardens to shield neighbours. Pei's design, created very early in his career, established many of the design cues that would be featured prominently in his later designs for public buildings, such as his expansive use of glass and hair-thin support columns.

Qube Design has carefully reproduced his design, only adding an extra bath in leu of a utility room, and a swimming pool to the atrium garden. The interior design has been spectacularly updated to accommodate the busy lifestyle of a modern Sim. Filled with beautiful mid-century classic furniture mingling with a sophisticated collection of modern art, this home is nothing short of dramatic. Utilizing a highly restrictive colour scheme of taupe, charcoal and chinese red, your eye is drawn around each room to first appreciate the art work, then slowly discover the furniture collection nearby. The dynamic use of chinese red allows you to easily create an Asian themed home, and your travel treasures from China will be on display in their best possible light.

Most interior furnishings can be found as .sims3pack installer files at either or or on TSR. Some items are donation items and must be downloaded directly from the artists. Windows and doors are .sims3pack files from the 'City Build Set', compliments of Funny at

The Audi TT and art collection belong to my Sim.

Please download the items to completely enjoy this home, however if you only install the windows and doors, you will be able to decorate this home to your own taste.

Download (20.0 MB file size):

IM Pei's 1945 Award Winning Home - TSR


  1. Absolutely stunning - as per usual! Thank you for including all the information about the design - the history of the home makes it that much more cool to have in game :)

    You got yourself a blog mister! Hoorah!

  2. so stunning and unique!!
    love it

  3. What joy to see your creations on your own blog!
    I admire your work, it is a pleasure to see and use.
    Use English to write in the google translator
    Thank you very much