Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hemmingway: waiting for your Halloween makeover

Lot: 40 x 40

Ok, so I tried to build a scary, haunted house for Halloween. The kind of house with peeling paint, broken windows and floor boards, and just left abandoned after a bad fire. Unfortunately, where ever I put some peeling paint or a broken floor board, all I wanted to do was grab a can of paint and a hammer. I just couldn't bring myself to build a scary, haunted house.

So unfortunately all I can offer today is a clay-brick Victorian masterpiece mansion by Qube Design, offering all the exquisite details you've come to expect - intricate detailing, luxury finishes, and a beautifully designed interior just waiting for you to mess-up and make very, very scary. Yes, you get it all - dark-stained heart-of-oak floors, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, gym, pool, 2nd floor laundry, humongous conservatory-catering kitchen with butler's pantry, 9 fireplaces, built-in libraries, and a spectacular garden with over 1,000 flowers and amazing landscape lighting (yes, landscape lighting that's even designed to highlight the towering chimneys, and whatever car you have in the driveway... sorry, I just couldn't help myself)...

All it needs now is a truck-load of dirt and spider-webs, someone to break all the windows, and some very cool goth vampires to move in (oops, sorry, that's not until the next expansion pack....). Will someone please take this house and ruin it...? Or, maybe you have a nice Sims family ready to move in?


The Hemmingway @ TSR

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